Why TCG?

TCG provides its members with an outlet to apply the critical thinking skills they learn in the classroom to real-world applications. We facilitate the development of interpersonal and professional skills and provide a strong support system to facilitate remarkable intellectual and personal growth.

TCG’s small size allows for members to learn from each other at a highly personal level, which allows for strong mentor based learning. These relationships shape our members into future leaders of the Trojan Family, as proven by the fact that every TCG member holds at least one leadership position in another undergraduate organization.

The skills learned in TCG prepare our members for work in a variety of industries, not just consulting. This is evidenced by our 100% post-graduation employment rate. TCG's alumni make up an incredible network of highly connected professionals in some of the top firms and institutions internationally. Click here to see a sample of where our alumni go on to work.


What does TCG look for in applicants?

We look for students who have strong analytical skills, creativity in problem solving, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization. But above all, the commitment to excellence in their work, dedication, and eagerness to learn.


How many new members does TCG take each semester?

TCG traditionally selects between one to three new members each semester. However, there is no limit to the number of new members we take. Although we pride ourselves in keeping our organization a small unit, each semester’s needs are different, and our recruitment will vary accordingly as necessary.


What does the application process look like?

Written Application: The written application consists of your resume, STARS report, and a few short-essay questions to explain the reasons why you want to join TCG. This application will be reviewed by all of the TCG members. Invitation to the first round interview is determined by the caliber of the application.

1st Round Interview: The first round interview is a 20-30 minute interview conducted by two TCG members. We want to get to know you, your background, your experiences, and why you want to be a part of our organization. Invitation to the second round interview is determined by the quality of both the interview and your written application.

2nd Round Interview: The final round interview is a one-hour-long interview with a pair of TCG senior members. You will be given a case to analyze and be asked to provide recommendations for the client. TCG would like to see how you approach, break down, and solve real world business problems outside of the classroom environment. The invitation to join TCG is contingent upon your holistic performance in both the written application and oral interviews.

We also include a social event, Meet TCG, in between the interviews to let candidates get to know us outside business professional attire. Please refer to the student recruitment page for application details.


What are the minimum requirements to get in to TCG?

While there are no specified minimum requirements to apply to TCG besides status as a USC undergraduate student, we do encourage that all applicants maintain a strong GPA and obtain relevant work experience that demonstrates interest in the consulting industry.


Do I have to be in the Marshall School of Business to apply?

No. Although TCG is accredited in the Marshall School, we encourage students of all academic backgrounds to apply. We believe that maintaining diversity in our team allows us to analyze problems through multiple angles and problem solving strategies.


What is the time commitment for being in TCG?

We often compare TCG to a standard 4-unit class. New members can expect to commit at least 4-8 hours a week to the organization, which consists of weekly team meetings, client meetings, individual research, team presentations, and new member workshops. TCG’s projects are usually more back-loaded, meaning that work will become more intensive later in the semester. Each client engagement is different, and the actual time commitment will be determined by the team. However, we fully expect our members to make TCG their first priority after classwork. 

How many clients does TCG work with each semester?

TCG has traditionally worked with a single client each semester in a 10-week engagement. We believe that working solely with one client will provide our consultants with an in-depth learning opportunity to truly understand the client industry and organizational problems. In turn, the client will also receive recommendations that are more detailed and comprehensive.

Can I re-apply?

Of course. We highly encourage all students to reapply. TCG recruits on a semester-basis, so we’re always excited to see how students have developed their critical thinking skills over the course of the semester. Our interviewers will always be open to providing feedback during and after the recruitment process. 


What if I don’t want to do consulting?

Joining TCG does not bind you to a career in consulting. Many of our members have interests in investment banking, private equity, non-profit organizations, and government, and have had equal success pursuing careers in those industries. TCG provides an environment that cultivates quantitative and qualitative skills that can be applied in any sector. With one client engagement each semester, our team gains a highly in-depth understanding of an array of client industries and business models. This knowledge is valuable and applicable in not only the consulting industry, but across a myriad of career paths.